1. All exhibitors are required to follow and obey the opening and closing hours of the exhibition, which is at 10:00 to 22:00 pm. Preparations were made up to 09.00 am. Closure booth performed at 21:30 pm the latest.

    2. Exhibitors are required to complete the administrative and payment before the event starts. Exhibitors who have not fulfilled these obligations is not allowed to proceed the exhibition.

    3. Exhibitors are obliged to cover the area of the exhibition booth or display rack with fabric cover as well as storing the goods in a neatly condition when closing the exhibition each day before handover to the committee.

    4. Using decorations and products such like GAS BALLOON are not allowed by the committee of Mother&Baby Fair 2016.

    5. Building and decorating booth construction inside the booth area such as painting, nailing or else which will damage the partition that we provide are not allowed. Booth construction and decoration that are allowed must be easy to unload and does not exceed the height of the partition that has been provided.

    6. All Exhibitors are not allowed to change the decor of the booth that has been provided, expect for special design booth.

    7. Exhibitors with area 6x3, and 8x4 only allowed to make a construction with maximum height of 2.5 m and should be not blocking the view.

    8. For the exhibitors with special design is required to submit a booth design plan in 3D to the committee for standardized before the exhibition.

    9. Exhibitors are not allowed to put promotional tools such as posters, stickers, etc. outside the booth area.

    10. The damage to buildings or booth area occupied by exhibitors, the participant shall replace any losses arising including damage to the stand material, such as a partition (nailed / wear tacks, other sharp objects), pole stand and more.

    11. Any losses that caused by negligence and damage during the preparation, opening, closing, demolition, and the handover of the exhibition booth is the responsibility of each exhibitor.

    12. Exhibitor shall not be allowed to install sound equipment and audio visual systems or other electronic equipment that may cause inconvenience for the others. The committee reserves the right to stop and turn it down.

    13. The entire staff of sales person (SPG & SPB) from each exhibitors are not allowed to do selling and promoting in any form around the exhibition area without the permission from the committee. Selling and promoting only allowed inside the booth area.

    14. Exhibitors that will display mascot /costume character in the exhibition area required to notify in advance to the committee and only allowed to be in the area of the exhibition booth, not on the outside / front of the exhibition booth.

    15. Exhibitors are NOT PERMITTED to use electronic tools / electricity for 24 hours.

    16. Additional chairs, tables and id tag are NOT provided on the day of the event by the committee, request in advance needed.

    17. The committee is not responsible for loss, fire and damage occured caused by the exhibitor.

    18. Inclusion of the product name on the promo page of Mother&Baby Magazine will be featured on August 2016 issue.

    19. Exhibitors are not allowed to do cooking by using oil stove , gas stove, or stove in any form.

    20. Ithe violation of the provisions imposed by the organizers or any kind relating to this, the organizers reserve the right to close the operation on rental objects in question.

    21. In an emergency (force majeure) that could affect the course of the exhibition or lead to delays in the implementation of the exhibits, such as natural disasters, riots, epidemics, and currency changes by the government that affects goods and services, as well as other regulations beyond the ability of the committee Mother&Baby Fair 2016, then neither party is entitled to damages.

    22. Other regulation that have not been listed will be set later.